So where was I headed that gave ignited my inner wanderlust and made me so excited? I’ll tell you Torino, Italy. Home of the 2006 Winter Olympics, the only wine that can rival the drinks of Tuscany, and the first place chocolate became available to the general masses.

After many cancelled and delayed flights and sitting crooked for over seven hours as I journeyed across the Atlantic (the rather large German seated next to me decided he and his blubber needed half of my seat) the flight to Torino can only be described as a descent into Eden. The first part of this was the plane, the second the most incredible landscape I’ve ever seen. First things first though.

Let me start by saying Italians have style. Every plane I have ever ridden on during my life is basically white with perhaps a smudge of color on the wings. Once inside, the vessel is typically adorned with navy blue and gray upholstery with maybe a splash of red for flavor, with the rest of the interior reflecting this trend. Not Italian planes. I did a visible double take when I first saw my plane. For some reason I don’t understand the airline decided we should walk across the tarmac to our plane to board. I was so tired by this point I was compliant to their wishes and did as I was told.

I was walking with my head down, trying not to keel over in sleep as I walked; then I looked up. That plane was a riot to look at. Painted silver and bright blue, it was flamboyant to say the least. It also reflected some of the tendencies of 1950s hotrods as it had fins, yes fins, on the tips of the wings and tail. I’m pretty sure it was designed for Prince or Liberace. After I got over my astonishment I managed to board the plane and was once again assaulted with fashion. The entire of interior of the plane was turquoise and cream; everything. To top it off the seats were leather. Say what you want about Italians but you can’t say they don’t have pizzazz. I don’t think I will ever see another plane that awesome again. My trip was beginning to look up after all the delayed or cancelled flights, the overnight in a hotel, and sharing my seat on my flight over the Atlantic with the blubber and elbow of a rather large German.