Well, I have finally heard my first legitimate Italian song. Sadly, I wish I hadn’t.

Friday night Brandon and I decided to try out a pizzeria we found during one of our walks around the city of Torino. It really is a nice establishment with posh table cloths and expensive looking interior decorations. Despite this, they had the “disco” radio station on which blared not real disco music but the inevitable garble of lady Gaga and Usher. Then, out of the blue, a song intro in not English; but Italian!

Was this it?! Was I finally going to hear the most beautiful language in the world warbling poetry in unison with a mandolin?!* Of course not.

To be frank, I know understand why American music is all the rage here and not Italian music. This song may possibly be one of the worst songs I have ever heard! Over half the lyrics are simply “rap futuristico” or “tranne te”. I’ve included a link to the so called official music video for the song. Although I’m pretty impressed with all the breakdancing, the song and its popularity dumb found me. The best way to describe it is a mash-up of Katy Perry and Enrique Inglesias gone horribly, horribly wrong. For those of you who are unaware of who those artists are or what a mash up is, just imagine the voice box in an action figure getting stuck on the same two phrases over and over again. Even when you’ve had enough of this nerve fraying repetition and have smashed it with a hammer because it is driving you insane; it keeps going.

As the song came to a close Brandon and I both said, “well I guess we’ve now heard our first legitimate Italian song” closely followed by “that’s disappointing!” That must just be us though, Italians love it. Since Friday I have heard this song multiple times a day, so now of course it is stuck in my head. I’ll admit its kind of catchy due to its simplicity, but this is still a problem.


*for those who do not know, a mandolin is the Italian version of a guitar/ukulele. It’s the melodious, high pitched stringed instrument associated with gondola rides and the introduction to The Godfather series.