After dilly dallying around Murano for what was a gloriously long time, our group decided to hurry up and hop on the vaporetti to Burano; the lace making island. It was nearing sunset as our boat approached the islet, and we only had about another hour or two of decent light, but that did not hinder the brilliance of the colors on Burano! I think the only way to explain it is as though a box of Crayola crayons had been turned into a village.

Seriously, Crayola should consider endorsing the town. The first thing that struck me when we drew near was the bright greens, blues, and purples of the homes and stores. I was talking to Brandon when we rounded the bend and came into sight of the town. He had his back to the spectacle, and I had to cut him off in mid-sentence with “Dude! You’re not going to believe this!”

The pictures I’ve included don’t do Burano justice, but let me assure you it’s a magnificent place. Imagine if Disney Land and Crayola teamed up and made a real, working town in the middle of a lagoon.  That would be Burano.

We immediately hopped off the boat and immersed ourselves in Burano’s fairy tale-esque splendor. Partially because we were starving and desperately needed a pizzeria, but also because its just so darn cool. I really don’t understand why it gets no attention when people speak of Venice. Almost everyone has heard of Murano, why don’t more know about Burano?! The place is as authentically Italian as it gets, with its own unique white wine and leaning tower, and it is home to some of the highest quality lacemaking in the world. Add in the brilliant colors and decorations of the buildings and it really is an incredible little oasis. More people should go!

Despite its obscurity in the public eye, we thoroughly enjoyed this multicolor isle as we walked around popping into small shops and looking for pizza. There are tons of lace, Carnevale mask, and Murano glass shops in the narrow streets bordering the canal; with each one being cooler than the last. The food is great as well. The pizza we had was delicious! I actually didn’t talk the whole dinner simply because I couldn’t wait to shovel the next bite into my mouth.

If you’re ever in Venice, make sure to get beyond the tourist traps and go to Burano. I only wish we had planned more time for it and that the lace making display and museum hadn’t been under repair.